The costliest Ancient Persia™ Fragrance of all...                            Queen Esther's stunning Royal Perfume...


      10 ml Glass Roller Bottle-$75         1-Dram Perfume-$28   1-Dram Perfume/Crystal Bottle-$35

A Perfume so unique, that to wear it, will immediately transport you back through the Portals of Time itself….to the Palace of Queen Esther and King Ahasuerus in Ancient Persia.

It is created from the most costly and precious aromatic oils, resins, gums, woods and spices of all time…from the Ancient Persian Empire…including Galbanum, Spikenard, Myrrh, Frankincense and Moroccan Cedarwood.

A cool, rich, heady, resinous perfume, reminiscent of exotic Persian evenings walking with your Beloved in the Royal Palace Gardens after sunset…and dramatically glorious to wear!

The 'SHUSHAN' Royal Perfume is an absolutely unique stunningly-rich creation that demands attention when worn...a Perfume fit for Royalty alone.

Wear 'SHUSHAN' for those very special times and occasions...and be remembered by all who come near to you!

'SHUSHAN’ Perfume: $75 - $35 - $28                                                         

10ml of Perfume, a slim frosted glass roller-ball tucked into a purple-gold organza tassled bag. Also as photos above...

'SHUSHAN' Royal Spa & Body Oil: 4oz/$30 - 8oz/$50

Created in a Frankincense Infusion with the 'SHUSHAN' Aromatics, massage this Body Oil on damp skin after showering, for ultra-hydration and silky skin all day...or night long.

Layer it on those special evenings out, with the 'SHUSHAN' Perfumed Cream plus the Perfume...for a lingering cloud of this stunning Royal Ancient Perfume! 

'SHUSHAN' Perfumed Body Cream:                                      1oz/$20, 2oz/$35, 4oz/$60, 8oz/$100

Created with Infused Oil of Frankincense together with the 'SHUSHAN' perfume, this perfumed cream can be worn by itself, or layered to intensify the Fragrance even more, causing it to last a very long time.

Your skin will experience powerful cell-regeneration, hydration and silky smoothness...after all, Queen Esther remained stunningly beautiful all her life for her King. That was due to her using the very same aromatics that produce the entire Ancient Persia Private Collection!

'SHUSHAN' Jewel Soap: $10

The most glorious ORGANIC soap ever!  Enhanced with the Royal Perfume 'SHUSHAN', swirled with silvery Midnight Blue & Amethyst Micas, which give it the stunning appearance of the very rare & precious jewel - Alexandrite. The shapes of 'SHUSHAN' soaps are like cut jewels! One of these soaps is a Beautiful gift in itself!


 ‘YANTAR' The Royale Amber Perfume

 10ml Glass Roller Bottle-$50      1-Dram Perfume-$20      

A perfume so GLORIOUS, that even before it was put into faceted bottles and jars, its legendary aroma was known throughout the world! Created from REAL Amber compounded with many essential oils, the rich, exotic, lingering warmth of Royale Amber... YANTAR…is like Tears of the Sun.

‘YANTAR’…is unlike any other fragrance you will have worn …and it will make you UNFORGETTABLE…just like Queen Esther! Amber has always been rare, precious and highly sought after for its fragrance, as it was transported by Caravans traveling across the vast arid deserts, destined to be sold to the Royal Palaces for the most beautiful of Women to wear. And now it has been created especially for YOU!

All over the mighty Persian Empire of King Ahasurus…from India to Ethiopia, Amber became one of the most sought-after trade products of all time. It is electro-statically charged, so if you seem to be attracting all the gorgeous Royal Men in the Palace to you… within a 100 mile radius...…YOU’LL KNOW WHY! 

‘YANTAR’ is the perfume you will never forget..

                      ...and it will make you UNFORGETTABLE!

'YANTAR'  Perfume: $50                                                10ml in a slim Frosted Glass Bottle with a roller-ball top...and as photos above.

‘YANTAR’ Royal Amber Spa & Body Oil:                             4oz/$25 - 8oz/$40

This is a very potent Spa Oil created in Infused Oil of Myrrh with ‘YANTAR’  . Massage all over after showering or 2-3 teasp for a luxurious bath. Does not leave your skin oily when absorbed!

‘YANTAR’ Royal Amber Perfumed Body Cream:                      1oz/$15, 2oz/$25, 4oz/$40, 8oz/$70

An unbelievably gorgeous Body Cream created in Infused Myrrh that can be worn by itself, or layered with the Spa Oil. Very silky to touch and the healing properties of it’s ingredients quickly rejuvenate the skin, like the Spa Oil.

‘YANTAR’ Royal Amber Soap:$10

Completely non-toxic, no chemicals or SLS. It is a beautiful long-lasting Organic soap in a stunning Arabesque embossed mold. Very Persian and infused with 24kt.Gold Mica…the soaps look like real Amber itself.


                          'EXOTIC FLOWERS'

1-Dram Perfume - $15                                             1-Dram Perfume/Crystal Bottle - $22


A mysteriously haunting perfume created from the Infused Oils of the exotic flowers of Jasmin, Neroli & Roses blended with Aqua di Neroli, Rosa & the ‘Exotic Flowers’ Perfume Blend. It’s romantic fragrance reminds one of the moonlight walks that King Ahasuerus and Queen Esther took together in the Palace Gardens in Shushan, Persia, thousands of years ago.

'EXOTIC FLOWERS' has an ethereal quality too, it never overpowers, is calming to the senses...and is always mysteriously beautiful. Did I mention that it’s properties are also very aphrodisiacal too?

'EXOTIC FLOWERS' Perfume:$40 - $22 - $15

The ultimate glorious aroma of ‘Exotic Flowers’ in a liquid formula with jojoba. Packaged in a slim 10ml frosted glass bottle with a roller-ball top for easy application, this full strength perfume is a very potent addition to the stunning ‘Exotic Flowers Collection’.

‘EXOTIC FLOWERS’ Perfume Cream:                                                          1oz/$10, 2oz/$17.50, 4oz/$30, 8oz/$50

This luxurious Cream will keep your skin silken, soft and fragranced after showering. Use it on damp skin to go further. Like the other Royal Perfumes, it can also be applied as a perfume, so take a small jar of it with you when you go out, to uplift your senses if you get frazzled in the heat!

‘EXOTIC FLOWERS' Spa & Body Oil                                               4oz/$17.50, 8oz/$30                                    

The 'EXOTIC FLOWER'perfume blended with an Infused Oil of Persian Flowers. Use a teaspoon or two in your bath to soothe your body and calm your nerves at the end of a long day at work. It is wonderful to use on damp skin after showering every morning, to keep your skin smooth and silken all day long. 

EXOTIC FLOWERS' Perfume Soap :$10.00

Sheer Heaven! Completely non-toxic, non-chemical, SLS-free aromatic soap in the large Arabesque design infused with Exotic Flowers and Jasmine Flowers, dusted with 24kt Gold Persian Minerals.