'MOONLIGHT of the GROVE' Collection

- SPECIAL - 'Moonlight of the Grove' - $45 
* Royal Foot Soap - Large
* 4oz Royal Aromatic Foot Oil
* 2oz Anti-Stress Cream Extra
* 1oz Crowning Glory Restoration Oil for the Hair
(Reg. $56.50)

'Moonlight of the Grove' Royal Foot Soap - $9

A brand new SLS-Free Soap loaded with Pumice Powder-Vocanic Ash, to help exfoliate dead hard skin and smooth your tender hard-worked feet. It smells absolutely Heavenly - fragranced with Moroccan Cedarwood, Rosemary, Bulgarian Lavender & Peppermint.
Use every morning in your shower or bath ONLY ON YOUR ROYAL FEET. As soon as you use the soap block on the soles of your feet, it releases the Volcanic Ash to exfoliate. Then simply use your hands to massage. It's like having a Pumice Stone in your soap!
'Moonlight of the Grove' Royal Aromatic Foot Oil - 4oz/$25
The co-ordinating product to use with the Royal Foot Soap when you come out of your shower or bath. This is a very special Aromatic Oil as it contains the very rare Infused Oil of LILAC I created in May 2006 from the strongly fragrant Lilac bushes in my back garden.
Because of the adverse weather that year, there were only about 10 days of blossoms, so this oil was the result with only one infusion. Several infusions would have produced a stronger Lilac perfume, however this Infused Oil adds a beautiful perfection to the Royal Aromatic Foot Oil together with the EO Blend above. I have literally been in seventh heaven today in the Lab with the glorious wafting of the oils!!
Containing the Infused Oils of Lilac, Egyptian Calendula, Kamelica & Lavender with Jojoba, it is one stunning Carrier Oil. Silky smooth, instantly absorbed and you can use it on your hands & finger nails for a special treatment!
'Moonlight of the Grove' Crowning Glory Restoration Oil          
1oz/$7.50  4oz/$25
A very Special Hair Massage Oil to condition, to stop hair from falling out,  stimulate growth, strengthen and thicken your hair…thus restoring it over the next few weeks & months, into the Crowning Glory you desire.
Grapeseed Oil with Jojoba blended with many Aromatics to stimulate the scalp...including Moroccan Cedarwood, Bulgarian Lavender, Thyme and Ylang-Ylang....heavenly!

Massage a teaspoon of this in the evening, then shampoo in the morning if you wish. Make this a weekly routine for beautiful hair!

'Moonlight of the Grove'                                                      Crowning Glory Restoration Oil -100% EO - 15ml/$25

This is a unique 100% EO compound to stop hair from falling out fast out, to stimulate growth, strengthen and thicken your hair…thus restoring it to your Crowning Glory.

Nothing is more awful for we Royal Ladies than thinning/falling hair, that is why this Ancient Persia Formula contains the beautiful therapeutic oils - the gorgeous 'Moonlight of the Grove' Aromatics - which are for the Restoration of your Crowning Glory!

Massage a few drops into the scalp in circular motions for a minute or two twice weekly. This is a very important part of the treatment.

'Moonlight of the Grove' Conditioning Shampoo: 8oz/$25

Created from Organic Olive oil, Coconut oil, Oleic acid, jojoba oil, glycerine, Silk Amino Acids, Essential Oils, natural earth minerals. A little goes a long way. It is an awesome volumizing, thickening and conditioning shampoo.

 There is NO SLS, NO chemicals, NO toxic tar or petroleum by-products or anything that is detrimental to your health in these shampoos.  But keep it out of your eyes because the Aromatics are strong! An absolutely stunning fragrance of Madagascar Clove Buds with Ylang-Ylang for the Ladies only.   

Royal Shushan TANGERINE HAND CREAM:                         1oz/$7.50, 2oz/$12.50, 4oz/$20, 8oz/$35

AWESOME NEW FORMULA. This is a huge favorite with the Royal Men as well! It is formulated with Infused Oil of Sandalwood, Carrot Oil, heavy on the Beeswax with E.O. Tangerine, Sweet Orange & Bois de Rose.

This is one of the 'NOT-TO-BE-WITHOUT ESSENTIALS' from the Royal Shushan Collection. If Queen Esther ever did the Royal dishes in the Royal kitchen, she would have certainly put on the Royal Shushan TANGERINE HAND CREAM before she started the Royal washing-up!

Not only is it the most incredible 'invisible skin' that provides a barrier between your Royal Hands and the dirty Royal dish-water, so they won't look like Royal Prunes...but it helps heal them too!

Some products, for example Latex gloves, can have a devastating effect on the hands, and have been known to be the cause of various skin problems.

After a few hours with the Royal Shushan TANGERINE HAND CREAM, your Royal Hands will thank you forever! Not only your Royal Hands, but also any Royal hard skin on the heels of your Royal Feet!

This super 'beeswaxed' compound is blended with the potent anti-oxident aromatics of Tangerine, Sweet Orange and Bois de Rose, to help heal and restore your Royal hands to their original Royal smoothness. So use it before doing the Royal dishes...and you will never know that your Royal Hands have been in the water!

The Royal Men adore this Tangerine Hand Cream because it keeps their Man Skin soft and smooth too!

Your Royal Hands will love you forever!