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 PERSIAN SUNSET GLOW ‘Coffee Tan Accelerator: 8.5oz/$40

The Ultimate, Fastest, Aromatic Tan Accelerator ever! Tried, tested & true for both Salon & Outdoor Tanning.  Ingredients include: 100% Arabica Coffee Extract, Fractionated Coconut, Sesame, Apricot Kernel, Sweet Virgin Almond Oil, IO. EO. Citrus Bergamia, Bulgarian Lavender. It works “faster than a speeding bullet”…to get your REAL dark skin NOT an orangy facsimile of a tan.

 If you have pale skin that is never able to tan – use the Coffee Tan Accelerator and just watch your skin go naturally tanned!

- A young friend of ours, Aaron, who works on the Rigs, bought a bottle on his last trip and used it every day. Much to his amazement, his pale, sensitive Man Skin didn’t burn but just turned brown, hydrated his skin and ‘felt awesome’, he said!

 It is THE perfect Salon Tanner. Apply liberally at the Salon making sure that your skin is well-hydrated with one of the Ancient Persia Spa Oils and/or Creams, ie. ‘CITRUS GROVE’ or ‘PERSIAN ZINGER’ –both of which have natural tanning aromatics in them. After you have your base tan, then you’ll just go gloriously darker and darker.

 One incredible point worth mentioning about this Coffee Tan Accelerator is on a personal note – my tan from last year lasted for more than 6 MONTHS without further tanning!

CAUTION FOR BEING IN THE SUN: PLEASE use WISDOM if you are fair-skinned or haven’t been in the sun for a long time. A little at a time will create a safe base tan, which you need first. Use the new Persian Sunset Glow ‘Coffee Tan Accelerator’ for full-spectrum Tan + Protection. 

1. 100% SUN REFRACTANT – the skin is completely protected at all times from the burning rays of the sun, no matter where you go in the world.

2. Apply several times out in the sun on the first days.

3. It gives the skin a gentle Persian Sunset Glow all day.

4. No oily residue on the skin after application.

5. 100% protection when gardening or working outdoors in the burning sun, playing on the beach, walking around in the sun. BUT TAN SLOWLY AT FIRST if your skin is prone to burning!

6. It is also very healing for the skin due to the inclusion of E.O. Bulgarian Lavender.

7. Use liberally before going out in the sun. If you haven’t got your base tan yet, please cover up wisely depending on the intensity of the sun, tanning intermittently. After you have a base tan, there won’t be a need to keep reapplying during the day unless the Canadian temperature reaches 63C, which it did on one of my sojourns in the Sahara Desert!

8. Finally, it is for ALL SKIN TYPES including the very sensitive & fair ones.

Royal Shushan Aromatics 100% EO IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOSTER 


In Amber Bottles with orefice for easy measure. 100% Pure Essential Oils formulated to restore & keep the immune system at optimal health. This very special formula is a unique blend of seven extremely potent aromatics, which have proven over the centuries to ward off illnesses, diseases, infections, viruses, and every kind of sickness pertaining to the breakdown of the immune system….and SURPRISE…it tastes good too!

It's Properties include:

  • Hepatic & urinary system antiseptic
  • Adrenal Cortex stimulant
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Anti-rheumatic
  • Powerful antiseptic of the Respiratory tract
  • Tonic for the nervous & sympathetic nervous system
  • Rectifies mineral deficiencies
  • Anti-diabetic
  • Prevents epidemics

Mediterranean 100% E.O. OREGANO - 88% Carvacrol                  


This Mediterranean Oregano replaces the Wild Turkey Oregano effective immediately. It is higher in potency and in every way a very powerful Oregano.

The price is the same so you can order with great confidence and get the same fast results!

 The properties of this potent E.O. Origanum Vulgare - make it extremely DETOXIFYING for the body, and the best Oregano in the world with such a high carvacrol content, which kills all CANDIDA ALBICANS dead – this is a chronic health problem that causes so many distressing symptoms & diseases, but it is so easy to get rid of with this Aromatic.

 Mediterranean E.O.OREGANO - 88% Carvacrol - is antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal & antiparasitic and the most powerful ANTIBIOTIC Adonai ever created. It is the easiest and most cost-effective way of dealing with deafness due to fungal infection etc, colds & flus, bronchitis, skin rashes etc.


           PERSIAN WOOD Aromatic Collection

The fragrance of Persian Wood is intensely mysterious…balsamic, soft & warm from I.O. Red Sandalwood – with rare floral-woody Bois de Rose blended with Tangerine & Sweet Orange to uplift & spread sunshine! It is rich in Beta Carotene & Vitamins and quite diverse in usage for both Royal Ladies & Gentlemen!

For men to use an an Aftershave Cream that hydrates the skin and gives a positive emotional zing to the day. Both can use this product as a Body Cream to heal dry, rough or itchy skin fast. It has a deodorizing action which helps the body cope with excess heat & moisture. It recharges the immune system, is a cell-regenerator and has numerable anti-ageing properties…just to start with. Please see the brochure for more details.

PERSIAN WOOD Aromatic Cream: 1oz/$9, 2oz/$15, 4oz/$25

PERSIAN WOOD Aromatic Spa Oil: 4oz/$17.50, 8oz/$30

PERSIAN WOOD Aromatic Soap: $9.00

'Moonlight of the Grove' Crowning Glory Restoration Oil

100% Essential Oils - 15ml/$25

 A very Special Hair Massage Oil – 100% Essential Oils to stop hair from falling out, to stimulate growth, to strengthen and thicken your hair…thus restoring it over the next few weeks & months, into the Crowning Glory you desire.

Nothing is more awful for we Royal Ladies than thinning/falling hair, that is why this Ancient Persia Formula contains the beautiful therapeutic oils - the gorgeous 'Moonlight of the Grove' Aromatics - which are for the Restoration of your Crowning Glory! Massage a few drops of this in the evening, then shampoo in the morning if you wish. It will not make your hair oily. Do this twice weekly.

If you would like the Original 4oz size which is in Jojoba and Sesame Oils with the EO Blend for “Moonlight of the Grove”, please let me know in advance so that I can have it ready for you. 4oz/$25

     Ancient Persia's DAILY SKINCARE

Oil of Olives Cleanser: 2oz/$12.50, 4oz/$20

Made from pure Olive Oil with a Grapefruit/Citrus E.O.Blend, this creamy product literally dissolves the makeup and pollution that accumulates on the skin throughout the day. Just what Queen Esther ordered!

Fragrant Flower Skin Tonic: 8oz/$12

This absolutely heavenly product tones your skin after using the Oil of Olives Cleanser. Use in the morning to freshen your skin & after the Cleanser in the evening. Very healing with it’s organic flowers & herb infusion plus E.O.Bulgarian Lavender, Sweet Orange, Spearmint, Peppermint from India. For all skin types for both Royal Ladies, Gentlemen & Young Royals!

NEW! FRAGRANT FLOWER SKIN TONIC Silver Bullet Spray Bottles. 4.5oz/$11 and 9oz/$16.

Spray on your skin or over your makeup during the day to refresh yourself. Due to one of the infused herbs not being available any more, I have added Jasmine Flowers & Egyptian Calendula to the infusion to fortify the properties of the F.F.S.T. and make it even more gorgeous! You will be thrilled with this Spray + it is refillable with the regular bottles.

Day Cream of Frankincense                              

1oz/$11, 2oz/$17.50, 4oz/$30

A wonderful day cream that has a revitalizing and uplifting effect on the skin and senses! This Biblical formula is created from Infused Oil of Frankincense together with grapeseed, sweet almond virgin oil, sesame & Persic Oils, Rose & Neroli distillates and Middle Eastern E.Oils, give this Day Cream an awesome quality that restores and regenerates the skin daily.

Night Cream of Myrrh                                                     

1oz/$12.50, 2oz/$20, 4oz/$35

NEW FORMULA >>I have reformulated this Night Cream to a more creamy texture with the same ingredients. A tiny amount of E.O. Calamus Root has been added to the E.Oils of Myrrh, Palmarosa, Frankincense & Ylang-Ylang etc, to produce an even more potent product that has the ability to quickly regenerate the cellular level of the skin. It has a tightening effect on the skin too, plus sedating antibiotic properties.

And from Queen Esther herself...                              

        28 & Holding™ Collection  

  ….so that you will stay in the ‘Holding area’ forever……

This Collection, now reformulated to include several more anti-ageing Aromatics, is created from many rare & costly exotic oil infusions of Biblical historical resins, woods, herbs & flowers, blended with a rich Floral Infusion, and finalized with the awesome Ancient Persia ’28 & Holding ™’ Essential Oil Blend. The properties of the oils are stimulating, hydrating, smoothing, tightening, restoring, cell-regenerating etc…and if you are not 28 anymore, they will keep you in the “Holding” area…FOREVER….like me!

28 & Holding™ Evening & Morning for the Face               1oz/$35, 2oz/$55, 4oz/$75

Facial Night Oil - 15ml/$25, 30ml/$40

Spa & Body Oil4oz/$25, 8oz/$40

Royal Shushan Facial Night Oil15ml  bottle/$25, 30ml/$40                                       

What a stunning Persian Facial Oil this is - created with so many Middle Eastern Aromatics that simply give your skin the feel of pure silk...Frankincense, Jasmine, Patchouli, Moroccan Cedarwood, Calamus, Rose, Sandalwood and more. Use a few drops after your ‘Royal Shushan Masque’ when you are having your weekly SPA NIGHT in the Palace of Shushan!

Royal Shushan Masque                                                       1oz/$20, 2oz/$30 

This is a powdered Masque of ground Myrrh, Rosa Gallica, Moroccan clay, complex vitamins, silk amino acids & goat’s milk for a wonderful exfoliating weekly masque on your Royal Spa Night! Mix about ½ teasp. with pure water until it is a smooth paste. Apply with a fan brush.

PERSIAN ZINGER™’ Aromatic Collection 

NEW for NATURAL TANNING & much more! It is a fantastic blend of Eucalyptus and Sweet Orange – and it’s a real ZING that  you won’t want to be without!

The Royal men…use it as an After-Shave Cream/Cologne! Some of the testimonies that keep rolling in about “Persian Zinger” are that…

 * “It zapped a case of Poison Ivy along with the Golden Healing Cream… “

* “I put it on my chest to stop the wheezing then I could breathe properly.  ”

* “It turned the whole family golden brown when they were out walking”

* “The only cream I had in my truck when I got stung on the side of my hand by a wasp was… Persian Zinger”, so I put that on….and the pain went immediately and no swelling etc.”

* “The constant itching on my back only stopped when I applied the Persian Zinger Aromatic cream!”

Persian Zinger Aromatic Cream                                             1oz/$7.50, 2oz/$12.50, 4oz/$20,

Persian Zinger Aromatic Soap $8 bar

Persian Zinger Aromatic Spa Oil                                                        4oz/$15, $8oz/$25

Citrus Grove Anti-Oxidant Collection

… is a very powerful Anti-oxidant for the face and body, and my daughter Ari can personally attest to the fact that it also acts as a mini face-lift because she told me I looked 10 YEARS YOUNGER!  So that would make me ‘18 & Holding’ now right?

I also use 28 & Holding for the Face on top of it too. Because of its very high Citrus Vitamin C content, it is also photo-sensitizing, meaning that it’ll give you a beautiful golden tan if you are out in the sun.   Just make sure that you have put it on evenly!

And it really works to stimulate the COLLAGEN production in your body! Remember as the years go on, the collagen production in the body slows right down, then the lines & wrinkles take over if nothing is done. So use Citrus Grove Anti-Oxidant Cream to get it stimulated again.

 Citrus Grove products are for the Royal Ladies, Gentlemen and Young Royals. Don’t leave home without them!

'CITRUS GROVE™' Anti-Oxidant Cream for the Face & Body:           1oz/$10, 2oz/$16, 4oz/$27, 8oz/$45

‘CITRUS GROVE' Aromatic Soap: $8

’CITRUS GROVE™’ ANTI-OXIDANT Body Oil:                                     4oz/$20, 8oz/$35, 16oz/$55

A VERY POTENT product to complement the Cream. This Body Oil contains Sweet Almond Virgin Oil, Persic Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil with a bucket load of the Citrus Grove EO Blend! Use after showering for a full day’s barrier against mosquitos & bugs and for complete skin hydration. For more details about Citrus Grove, please read the brochure.

Royal Shushan Aroma Lavender

This amazing calming cream will completely relax and de-stress you and all your family, including the Royal Babies! It eradicates stress, depression, tension, anger and other emotional distresses. Apply it to your neck & also inhale it by putting a little on your hands held over your face. It also heals rashes, burns etc.

Aroma Lavender Cream:                                                                     1oz/$7.50, 2oz/$12.50, 4oz/$20, 8oz/$35

Aroma Lavender Spa Oil for Adults:                                                   4oz/$15, 8oz/$25, 16oz/$45

Aroma Lavender Oil for Royal Babies & Children:                           4oz/$12.50, 8oz/$20

This can be used as baby wipe (a little on a damp cloth), and for gentle body massages which the Royal Babies love SO much.

Aroma Lavender Soap: $8 bar

'PERSIAN ROSE GERANIUM' Aromatic Collection

A Persian Rose Oil Infusion with EO Egyptian Rose Geranium - is a heavenly fragrant collection of products with very powerful therapeutic properties that balance the hormonal disturbances of menopause, PMS,  depression, senescence, healing skin ulcers due to varicous veins …and much more.

 The newest testimony comes from Rachel A. who, after a workout and finding that she didn’t have her deodorant with her, applied to her underarms the only thing she had available in her bag – the Persian Rose Geranium Cream.

 She was so amazed that hours later at the end of the day, she was still dry and fragrant without a trace of sweatiness or body odor! Needless to say, we are testing all the Ancient Persia Aromatic Creams to see if we will have the same results as Rachel. Deodorant…who would have imagined it!

This Collection is very Special in that it really works quickly to re-balance the body and emotions. It’s beautiful aroma is so soothing to the senses and is used on the body & face when needed. 

‘Persian Rose Geranium’ Aromatic Cream:                                1oz/$9, 2oz/$15, 4oz/$25, 8oz/$40

Persian Rose Geranium’ Aromatic Spa Oil:                          4oz/$17.50, 8oz/$30

‘Persian Rose Geranium’ Aromatic Embossed Soap: $9.00


ANTI-STRESS CREAM EXTRA                                                          1oz/$9, 2oz/$15, 4oz/$25, 8oz/$40

When massaged on the body for pains, aches, arthritis, bursitis, asthma attacks & other respiratory distresses, aching feet, headaches, muscle spasms, restless leg syndrome, stiffness etc,  it works so fast it’s amazing! It’s really a REVIVAL cream that no family should be without. The formula includes EO Madagascar Clove, Menta Piperita, Menta Spicata. A very cooling potent Cream.

NOT FOR ROYAL BABIES OR CHILDREN. Please use the ORIGINAL Formula for them.

ANTI-STRESS SPA & MASSAGE OIL:                                        4oz/$17.50, 8oz/$30, 16oz/$50

This is the same potency as the Cream but in the Oil Formula. For the Bath, or massage on the body where needed. Have a wonderful foot bath with it on your Spa night. NOT FOR ROYAL BABIES or CHILDREN.


SLS-Free soap, completely NON-TOXIC with the EO Anti-Stress Blend and organic Spearmint leaves infused in it. Talk about a total De-Stress experience! There are 3 shapes, sizes & prices of this very long-lasting soap.

GOLDEN HEALING CREAM                                                    1oz/$7.50, 2oz/$12.50, 4oz/$20, 8oz/$35

A VERY powerful, complex compound with awesome properties. Its anti-inflammatory ingredients include Egyptian Calendula, Kamelica, Bulgarian Lavender which instantly neutralize bee & wasp stings, burns from oil, water, irons, glue guns etc, swellings, infections, rashes, eczema, sunburn  etc. Again, this is a ”NOT-TO-BE-WITHOUT ESSENTIAL” and is safe for even Royal Babies and Children for their Diaper rashes and baby distresses that sometimes occur.

Royal Shushan TANGERINE HAND CREAM:                                    1oz/$7.50, 2oz/$12.50, 4oz/$20, 8oz/$35

AWESOME NEW FORMULA. This is a huge favorite with the Royal Men as well! It is formulated with Infused Oil of Sandalwood, heavy on the Beeswax with E.O. Bois de Rose and Sweet Orange. Your Royal Hands will love you forever!

     Ancient Persia’s Glorious Perfumes

 ‘YANTAR’ ...The Royale Amber Perfume

A perfume so GLORIOUS, that even before it was put into faceted bottles and jars, its legendary aroma was known throughout the world! Created from refined Amber compounded from many essential oils, the rich, exotic, lingering warmth of Royale Amber - YANTAR…is like Tears of the Sun.

‘YANTAR’- The Royale Amber Perfume…is unlike any other fragrance you will have worn …and it will make you UNFORGETTABLE…just like Queen Esther! Amber has always been rare, precious and highly sought after for its fragrance, as it was transported by Caravans traveling across the vast arid deserts, destined to be sold to the Royal Palaces for the most beautiful of Women to wear. And now it has been created especially for YOU!

All over the mighty Persian Empire of King Ahasurus…from India to Ethiopia, Amber became one of the most sought-after trade products of all time. It is electro-statically charged as well, so if you seem to be attracting all the gorgeous Royal Men in the Palace to you… within a 100 mile radius...…YOU’LL KNOW WHY! 

      ‘YANTAR’ is the perfume you will never forget..

                      ...and it will make you UNFORGETTABLE!

‘YANTAR’ Royal Amber Perfume:                                                10ml in a slim Frosted Glass Bottle with a roller-ball top…$50

‘YANTAR’ Royal Amber Spa & Body Oil:                           4oz/$25, 8oz/$40

This is a very potent Spa Oil created in Infused Oil of Myrrh with ‘YANTAR’ Royal Amber Compound. Massage all over after showering or 2-3 teasp for a luxurious bath. Does not leave your skin oily when absorbed!

‘YANTAR’ Royal Amber Perfumed Body Cream:                 1oz/$15, 2oz/$25, 4oz/$40, 8oz/$70                   

An unbelievably gorgeous Body Cream that can be worn by itself or layered with the Spa Oil. Very silky to touch and the healing properties of it’s ingredients quickly rejuvenate the skin, like the Spa Oil.

‘YANTAR’ Royal Amber Soap:$10

 Completely non-toxic, no chemicals or SLS. It is a beautiful long-lasting soap in a stunning Arabesque embossed mold. Very Persian and infused with 24kt.Gold Mica…the soaps look like real Amber itself.

'EXOTIC FLOWERS'...mysteriously haunting perfume, created from the Infused Oils of the exotic flowers of Jasmin, Neroli & Roses blended with Aqua di Neroli, Rosa & the ‘Exotic Flowers’ Perfume Blend. It’s romantic fragrance reminds one of the moonlight walks that King Ahasuerus and Queen Esther took together in the Palace Gardens in Shushan, Persia, thousands of years ago.

Did I mention that it’s properties are also very aphrodisiacal too?

'EXOTIC FLOWERS' Perfume:$40

The ultimate glorious aroma of ‘Exotic Flowers’ in a liquid formula with jojoba. Packaged in a slim 10ml frosted glass bottle with a roller-ball top for easy application, this full strength perfume is a very potent addition to the stunning ‘Exotic Flowers Collection’.

‘EXOTIC FLOWERS’ Perfume Cream:                                                 1oz/$10, 2oz/$17.50, 4oz/$30, 8oz/$50

‘Exotic Flowers’ Spa & Body Oil:                                                        4oz/$17.50, 8oz/$30

Exotic  Flowers’ Embossed Perfume Soap :$9.00

And the costliest Ancient Persia™ Fragrance of all… 

The Royal Shushan’

A Perfume so unique, that to wear it, will immediately transport you back through the Portals of Time itself….to the Palace of Queen Esther and King Ahasuerus in Ancient Persia.

It is created from the most costly and precious aromatic oils, resins, gums, woods and spices of all time…from the Ancient Persian Empire…including Galbanum, Spikenard, Myrrh, Frankincense and Moroccan Cedarwood. It is a cool, rich, heady, resinous perfume…and dramatically glorious to wear!

'SHUSHAN’ Perfume $75 - 10ml of Perfume in a slim frosted glass roller-ball in an organza tassled bag. Stunning!

'SHUSHAN' Royal Spa & Body Oil:                                        4oz/$30, 8oz/$50

'SHUSHAN' Perfumed Body Cream:                                  1oz/$20, 2oz/$35, 4oz/$60, 8oz/$100

'SHUSHAN' Perfumed Organic Jewel Soap: $10