PERSIAN ZINGER Aromatic Collection


PERSIAN ZINGER™ Aromatic Collection 

For NATURAL TANNING & much more! It is a fantastic blend of Eucalyptus and Orange – and it’s a real ZING that  you won’t want to be without!

The Royal men…use it as an After-Shave Cream/Cologne! Some of the testimonies that keep rolling in about “Persian Zinger” are that…

 * “It zapped a case of Poison Ivy along with the Golden Healing Cream… “

* “I put it on my chest to stop the wheezing then I could breathe properly.  ”

* “It turned our whole family golden brown when they were out walking”

* “The only cream I had in my truck when I got stung on the side of my hand by a wasp was… Persian Zinger”, so I put that on….and the pain went immediately with no swelling etc.”

* “The constant itching on my back only stopped when I applied the Persian Zinger Aromatic cream!”

Persian Zinger Aromatic Cream:                       1oz/$7.50, 2oz/$12.50, 4oz/$20,

Persian Zinger Aromatic Soap: $8 bar

Persian Zinger Aromatic Spa Oil:                           4oz/$15, $8oz/$25


PERSIAN WOOD Aromatic Collection


The fragrance of Persian Wood is intensely mysterious…balsamic, warm from I.O. Red Sandalwood – with rare floral-woody Bois de Rose blended with Citrus Oils to uplift & spread sunshine! It is rich in Beta Carotene & Vitamins and quite diverse in usage for both Royal Ladies & Gentlemen!

For men to use an an Aftershave Cream that hydrates the skin and gives a positive emotional zing to the day. Both can use this product as a Body Cream to heal dry, rough or itchy skin fast. It has a deodorizing action which helps the body cope with excess heat & moisture. It recharges the immune system, is a cell-regenerator and has numerable anti-ageing properties…just to start with.

PERSIAN WOOD Aromatic Cream:                                   1oz/$9, 2oz/$15, 4oz/$25

PERSIAN WOOD Aromatic Spa Oil                                    4oz/$17.50, 8oz/$30 

PERSIAN WOOD Aromatic Soap: $9.00