PERSIAN ROSE GERANIUM' Aromatic Collection


Persian Rose Oil Infusion with EO Egyptian Rose Geranium - is a heavenly fragrant collection of products with very powerful therapeutic properties.

The Aromatics contain powerful hormone normalizers to treat PMS and menopausal symtoms, regulating fluid retention, healing shingles, herpes, scarring, bleeding skin ulcers, varicous name a few of it's properties.

It also helps relieve and balance irrational behavior, helps reverse signs of senescense, depression, anxiety etc.

 A very unusual testimony comes from Rachel H. who, after a workout, finding that she didn’t have her deodorant with her, applied to her underarms the only thing she had available in her bag – the Persian Rose Geranium Cream.

 She was amazed that hours later at the end of the day, she was still dry and fragrant without a trace of sweatiness or body odor! Needless to say, we are testing all the Ancient Persia Aromatic Creams to see if we will have the same results as Rachel. Deodorant…who would have imagined it!

This Collection is very special in that it really works quickly to re-balance the body and emotions. It’s beautiful aroma is so soothing to the senses and is used on the body & face when needed. 

Persian Rose Geranium Aromatic  Cream:         1oz/$8.50, 2oz/$15, 4oz/$25, 8oz/$40

Formulated with Infused Oil of Rosa Gallica blended with the magnificent Egyptian Rose Geranium, Aqua di Rosa and Alkanet Root infusion which gives it the beautiful rose color, this Aromatic Cream has many unique therapeutic usages.

The skin is kept from dehydrating in cold weather and other temperature extremes...and the fragrance uplifts the emotions for many hours. It brings great tranquility to the senses in times of need, inspiring confidence and love. When used around relationship conflicts, it quickly alleviates distress promoting great comfort....AND it is an aphrodisiac! 

Persian Rose Geranium can be used for both the face and body, and is certainly one of the most potent Collections for we Royal Ladies.

Persian Rose Geranium Aromatic Spa Oil           4oz/$17.50, 8oz/$30

Use this beautiful silken Spa Oil massaged on damp skin after showering, also in your bath perhaps on your Queen Esther's Spa Night.

Persian Rose Geranium Aromatic Soap$9

A wonderful aromatic SLS-free soap studded with Rose Petals with 24Kt. Gold Persian Earth Minerals to complete this Collection.



The rose comes originally from Asia Minor, where it is cultivated mostly in Bulgaria, Persia and India. Rosewater was prepared by the Arab physician Avicenna (AD 980-1037) during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the rose was esteemed as a remedy for depression. The essential oil, called "Attar of Rose", is used in aromatherapy as a mildly sedative, antidepressant and anti-inflammatory remedy. Rose petals and their preparations have a similar action. They also reduce high cholesterol levels. Rosewater is mildly astringent and makes a valuable lotion for inflamed and sore eyes.

And that is not all...among it's many powerful attributes include Cell Rejuvenation, Aphrodisiac, it treats Liver problems and is a De-toxer, and is also anti-oxident!

The Rose has the highest Electrical Frequency of all Aromatics at you'll be highly charged when you use the above APPC products!

Now for the New PERSIAN ROSE products...


This is the Heavenly New Skin Tonic created from a double Infusion of Rosa Gallica with my own Tincture of Rosa Gallica and Hammamelis. It is extremely hydrating, and being totally Rose - it's fragrance is so uplifting!   

Also in the Photo left, is the Royal Shushan Masque of Myrrh & Roses which is an absolute essential product for we Royal clean, exfoliate & rejuvenate our skins to be line-free.



 4oz/$12.50   8oz/$20

The New Persian Rose Oil is created from a double infusion, firstly with wine then oil, to extract the maximum essential oil from the petals. 

Alkanet Root Infusion gives it the beautiful Rose color. It is pure Rose with all it's incredible hormonal properties to help alleviate those distresses.