GOLDEN HEALING CREAM:                                                    

1oz/$7.50, 2oz/$12.50, 4oz/$20, 8oz/$35

A powerful, complex compound with awesome properties. Its anti-inflammatory ingredients include Egyptian Calendula, Kamelica, Bulgarian Lavender which instantly neutralize bee & wasp stings, burns from oil, water, irons, glue guns etc, swellings, infections, rashes, eczema, sunburn  etc.

There have been so many incredible testimonies of people using this amazing product, that it would take me a week to write them all down, but here are a few of it's uses:

* New operation scars shrink and fade.

* It is absolutely safe for the Royal Babies and Children - for quickly healing diaper rash & skin eruptions of all kinds.

* Hot glue-gun burns wiill not blister or swell if Golden healing Cream is applied immediately. The pain subsides in a few seconds.

* Hot oil & water burns from cooking respond the same fast way.

* Swellings due to infections also disappear rapidly.

* Wasp, hornet, bee & mosquito stings are instantly neutralized.

* use on sunburned skin to arrest pain, blistering & peeling. If you leave it longer, the burn will heal but the skin may still peel very slightly.

* NOTE: If you are using the ANTI-STRESS CREAM or EO. OREGANO, and somehow you get it into you eyes (don't ask me how, but some of my clients have achieved this feat), IMMEDIATELY PUT the GOLDEN HEALING CREAM right into the affected eye itself (after washing your hands very well of course) . It will INSTANTLY neutralize the effect!!!!

* Use to heal excemas, psoriasis and other skin disttresses.

Again, this is a 'NOT-TO-BE-WITHOUT ESSENTIAL' and is safe for even Royal Babies and Children for their Diaper rashes and baby distresses that sometimes occur.


...about 10 days ago I was busy in the kitchen making Matzah for our Erev Shabbat meal. The oven was at 500F to make them. I had just taken out 2 trays when I inadvertently turned around and picked up a tray to put the last 2 Matzah on, forgetting that it was a burning hot metal tray at 500F.

I definitely hit a few High C's, then ran to get the Golden Healing Cream to slather on my left hand, which was SO burned. My thumb, first finger and the inside of my hand were blood red and swollen...and did I mention the excruciating pain?

Well, 15 mins later all pain had gone, and by the time my daughter had arrived and we sat down for our Erev Shabbat meal at 6pm, THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NO SIGN THAT I HAD EVER BEEN BURNED!