CITRUS GROVE Anti-Oxident Collection


The CITRUS GROVE Collection is a very powerful Anti-Oxidant line of products for the face and body. My daughter Ari can personally attest to the fact that it also acts as a mini face-lift, because she told me I looked 10 YEARS YOUNGER!  So that would make me ‘18 & Holding’ now right? I also use '28 & Holding' for the Face on top of it too.

CITRUS GROVE is very high Vitamins C, B1, B2, B3 & Vitamin A content, plus PP - a factor in the protection of the vascular system. 

It is also photo-sensitizing, meaning that it’ll give you a beautiful golden tan if you are out in the sun. Just make sure that you have put it on evenly!

It really works to stimulate the COLLAGEN production in your body! Remember as the years go on, the collagen production in the body slows right down, then the lines & wrinkles take over if nothing is done. So use Citrus Grove Anti-Oxidant Cream to get it stimulated again.

The CITRUS GROVE Collection has so many properties to help protect the body from various sources of infection, including mosquito bites if you are going places where they are prevalent, apply the CITRUS GROVE Anti-oxident Cream all over during the bug season....and just watch them jump off your skin in disgust! They cannot land on the skin to bite...O Happy Bug-Free Day!

Citrus Grove products are for the Royal Ladies, Gentlemen and Young Royals. Don’t leave home without them!

'CITRUS GROVE™' Anti-Oxidant Cream for the Face & Body:      

1oz/$10, 2oz/$16, 4oz/$27, 8oz/$45

Once you have used this, you will never be without it! It protects, heals, regenerates the skin's cellular level keeping it supple and young. An absolutely awesome Anti-oxident Cream.

Calgary's #1 Tanning Salon has cleared it for use in their Tanning beds as it is the only Tanning Cream that my daughter will use. I, on the other hand, had a hilarious experience the first time I used the Persian Sunset Glow Coffee Tan Accelerator there!

’CITRUS GROVE™’ ANTI-OXIDANT BODY OIL:                                   

2oz/$12.50, 4oz/$20, 8oz/$35, 16oz/$55

A VERY POTENT product to complement the Cream. This Body Oil contains Sweet Almond Virgin Oil, Persic Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil with a bucket load of the Citrus Grove EO Blend!

Use after showering for a full day’s barrier against mosquitos & bugs and for complete skin hydration. It can be also used on the face .

‘CITRUS GROVE' Aromatic Soap: $8

Awesome Non-toxic, non-chemical, non-SLS pure soap loaded with the Citrus Grove aromatics. Your skin will love you for taking so much care of it!