'AROMA LAVENDER' has many wonderful attributes that positive effect the emotions. It is espectially effective for counter-acting depression, irritability, nervousness, exhaustion and insomnia.

The Royal Shushan 'AROMA LAVENDER' Collection is created with Organic Lavender Infusions with EO. Bulgarian Lavender, which has a particularly sweet, floral-herbal fragrance with balsamic undertones.

This special Collection can be used for many diverse problems including:

* To de-stress tension

* For Babies diaper rash & 'owies'

* For men's dry facial skin & razor burns

* For healing spots & blemishes

* For burns, wounds & skin infections

* Inhaled at night to stop insomnia

* As a cell regenerator to prevent scarring & stretch marks

* As a daily body cream to keep the skin soft, healed & supple for all the family.

AROMA LAVENDER CREAM                                     1oz/$7.50, 2oz/$12.50, 4oz/$20, 8oz/$35

This amazing calming cream will completely relax and de-stress you and all your family, including the Royal Babies! It erradicates stress, depression, tension, anger and other emotional distresses.
Apply it to your neck & also inhale it by putting a little on your hands held over your face. It also heals rashes, burns etc.

AROMA LAVENDER SPA OIL for Adults:                                              

2oz/$7, 8oz/$25, 16oz/$45                                             

A Not-to-be-Without Spa Oil if you are recovering from surgery or sickness. It just keeps you in a very tranquil state of mind to recouperate. Massage after showering on damp skin to keep relaxed & calm all day long. 

AROMA LAVENDER Oil for Royal Babies & Children 

2oz/$6, 8oz/$20

 A very healing Aromatic Oil. It is used for gentle body massages which the Royal Babies love SO much. A unique usage of it is to put a little on a damp cloth as a baby wipe...needless to say that would be AFTER cleaning off the Royal poop!

Aroma Lavender Soap: $9 bar

Completely pure, safe & gentle, even for the Royal babies & Children. Infused with organic Lavender flowers with Lavender aromatics. Wonderful for all the family!