ANTI-STRESS CREAM EXTRA:                                                    1oz/$9, 2oz/$15, 4oz/$25, 8oz/$40

When massaged on the body for pains, aches, arthritis, bursitis, asthma attacks & other respiratory distresses, aching feet, headaches, muscle spasms, restless leg syndrome, stiffness etc,  it works so fast it’s amazing!

It’s really a REVIVAL cream that no family should be without. The formula includes EO Madagascar Clove, Menta Piperita, Menta Spicata. A very cooling potent Cream.

NOT FOR ROYAL BABIES OR CHILDREN. Please use the ORIGINAL Formula for them.

ANTI-STRESS SPA & MASSAGE OIL:                                  2oz/$9, 4oz/$17.50, 8oz/$30, 16oz/$50

This is the same potency as the Cream but in the Oil Formula. For the Bath, or massage on the body where needed. Have a wonderful foot bath with it on your Spa night. NOT FOR ROYAL BABIES or CHILDREN.


SLS-Free soap, completely NON-TOXIC with the EO Anti-Stress Blend and organic Spearmint leaves infused in it. Talk about a total De-Stress experience! There are 3 shapes, sizes & prices of this very long-lasting soap.