A Little About The Ancient Persia Private Collection

The 'Ancient Persia Private Collection' (APPC) is a very unique Collection of Royal Aromatic Beauty & Healing products, based on Ancient Biblical historical formulae from the Palace of King Ahasuerus and Queen Esther in Shushan, Persia.

Created over many years of Divinely-inspired research in Ancient Persian data, these products have been compounded from pure aromatic oils, blended together with infused oils of organic flowers, herbs, resins, gums, waxes and seeds, as they were thousands of years ago in the ancient historical lands of the Jewish Tanakh.

ESTHER 2:12...
'Each girl had her turn before King Ahasuerus after she had undergone the full twelve-month preparation period prescribed for women, consisting of a six-month treatment with Oil of Myrrh then six-months with Sweet Spices, Perfumes and other Cosmetics, for the purifying of women.'

One of the most uplifting factors about the 'Ancient Persia Private Collection' is that the products work so quickly! Results are experienced almost immediately, depending on the individual skin and what the product is being used for.

Aromatic oils have electrical charges which give them the ability to immediately go to the cellular level of the skin, working from there. So, with daily use the skin is healed and restored and can return to it's former beautiful healthy state.'

'Ancient Persia Private Collection' has products for everyone - Royal Babies & Children, Royal Teens & Young Adults, Royal Ladies & Gentlemen....and especially for the "28 & Holding" skins that need cell regeneration, hydrating, tightening, toning and restoring.



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