28 & Holding™ Collection  

 ….so that you will stay in the ‘Holding area’ forever……

This Collection, now reformulated to include several more anti-ageing Aromatics, is created from many rare & costly exotic oil infusions of Biblical historical resins, woods, herbs & flowers, blended with a rich Floral Infusion, and finalized with the awesome Ancient Persia ’28 & Holding ™’ Essential Oil Blend.

The properties of the oils are stimulating, hydrating, smoothing, tightening, restoring, cell-regenerating etc…and if you are not 28 anymore, they will keep you in the “Holding” area…FOREVER….like me!

28 & Holding™ Evening and Morning for the Face:                    

1oz/$35, 2oz/$55, 4oz/$75

28 & Holding™ Facial Night Oil:                                                 

15ml/$25, 30ml/$40

28 & Holding™ Spa & Body Oil:                                                 

2oz/$12.50,  4oz/$25, 8oz/$40